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Outlander Photo Recap S1E07, “The Wedding”, Pt. 3


This is it, the home stretch, and I don’t mind saying that I enjoyed every freaking last 20 minutes of it, luxuriating in the gooey rewatches like a baby double-fisting birthday cake.

Small disclaimer for those of you hoping for nekkid funsies—you’ll have to Google. As I’ve mentioned before, I feel weird putting the actors’ bodies out there in still form, so I’m drawing a line there and I’ll try to cover the bikini bits. Probably NSFW. Read at your own risk. Part 2 here. Onwards.

Jamie tells Claire that after the way she kissed him, (full tiptoe) he had hoped she “did not regret marrying him, after all.” Her expression clues you in as to what she may be thinking.image

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Crackalackin. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. 

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Outlander Blues


I was at costco and decided to flip through “written in my own hearts blood”…I don’t even know what book that is? 8? I’ve only finished book 2 but I don’t shy away from spoilers no matter how much anxiety I feel when finding something out (seriously, my heart starts pounding). Anyway, I thoroughly…

Yes continue to read. Book 3 is really quite good. (Though none really live up to the first imo.) No spoilers from me but I loved the series until book 7. I liked it, I didn’t LOVE it. Also, I have the new one sitting on my desk and haven’t had the energy to pick it up. It isn’t that they were bad; they’re just long and involved and full on Michener-esque (lots of characters, lots of plots, lots of history.)

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