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An NP exclusive! Here is a sneak peek of next week (April 24th)’s new episode of Portlandia, guest starring Michael Nesmith. Portlandia airs on Thursdays at 10pm ET (9pm CT) on IFC. So check out this preview and be sure to watch the full episode next Thursday! (Check local listings for channel and time.)

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2014 Monkees Awards, Day 10:

Favorite Monkees-related story: The gripping tale of when the guys were being pursued by fans after ducking their security.  …Though I’m not entirely sure whether I enjoy the story itself more, or how Nez tells the story.

(gifs specially made for me by voords—thank you!)

Funniest Monkee: Nez.  Just look at him in those gifs when he’s telling the fan pursuit story.  For someone who’s supposed to be “the serious one,” he could get the laughs as much as the others could.

Reblogging for the gifs. He’s so very expressive!

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