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sometimes you just need a happy medium

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At the end of my shift today I told the manager I’d forgotten to put down when my availability changes (paraphrased due to memory faults and because writing in my stutters and false starts is stupid and redundant):

Manager [angry voice]: Yeah, the other manager’s going to have to talk to you about that.

Me: I know.

Manager: Did you even read this? [referring to the thing on the availability sheet that says all those stipulations about when you have to be able to work]

Me: Yeah, I did.  It’s just…this is when my parents and I decided I can work this year.

Manager: Then you need to tell them you’re probably going to lose your job.

Me: [apologizes at least twice before leaving.]

Part of me is rejoicing about this, of course, but part of me is kind of upset.  I feel kind of bad about the whole thing, and it really doesn’t help that is was this manager I ended up having to talk to.  

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A piece of unasked for advice from an actual retail manager? RUN don’t walk away from this guy and this job. Any manager that thinks yelling at people is the way to get things done is not someone you want to work for, likewise the company that allows this behavior to begin with. Never ever apologize for YOUR life. Yes, you may lose your job or hours over not being able to work a flexible schedule but you have more important things to consider, like family and school. NEVER get yourself into the trap of living to work, just work to live. Retail is a thankless profession most of the time and working for an asshole makes it a million times worse.